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Activity Modification - Injuries and Medical Issues

Students can be excused from PE for one day only, at a parent’s request by telephone or with a written note, or at the RN’s discretion.

If the student cannot participate in activities for more than one day, a physician’s note must be brought to the medical office.  This note must state the injury and the length of time the student needs to be excused from activities.   A student must have an MD note for any apparatus worn (Ace bandage, brace, splint, boot, sling, crutches or a wheelchair).  An MD note may include other accommodations including elevator access, book buddy, scribe or early dismissal. Students are not permitted to participate in PE or sports while wearing any apparatus.

If a student is excused from PE, he/she is also excused from recess and sports until a physician’s note is received in the medical office clearing the student to participate. 

Use of Elevator or Lift if building has access to:

  • Any student who is utilizing crutches or wheelchair must submit a physician’s note stating so. The note must include requiring the use of the elevator.
  • The student must be released from class at least five minutes early.
  • There is one buddy allowed to assist the student to carry books if necessary.

Students using crutches or a wheelchair may not ride on the school bus for transportation to and from school or for field trips.  

For Concussions, once the Medical Office receives a clearance note, our District Physician will give approval for the student to begin the 6 Step Concussion Return to Play Protocol as per NYS before returning to full activities.  For more information on concussions, please click on the link below: